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Ahmadullah Archiwal born in Kunduz almost four decades ago, left Afghanistan to Pakistan when he was 4 years old. He finished his school, obtained a university degree and a Master’s degree in Journalism at the University of Peshawar. After that (2004) he returned back to Afghanistan and worked in Center for International Journalism (CIJ) where he taught basic skills of journalism to working journalists in Afghanistan.
Ahmadullah Archiwal

Ahmadullah Archiwal

Expert in Environment and Water Resources Management. Dr. Akhtar has recently completed his PhD in water resources management from the University of Bonn, Germany. He has extensive experience in water resources management and has carried out research projects in Central Asia and Afghanistan. Dr. Akhtar has produced several scholarly articles and research papers on the water resources of Afghanistan and Central Asia. Dr. Akhtar is the board member and advisor to the water and environment section of OSCAR.
Fazl Akhtar

Dr. Fazlullah Akhtar

Zahid Khan has been working as an Environmental Trainer. Zahid also specializes in social media, environmental peace building and water sanitation sector.
M. Zahid Akhtar

M. Zahid Khan Akhtar

An environmentalist with excellent qualifications and have well experience in technical as well as project management with multi projects of Agricultural development and environmental protection in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and across Europe, I have obtained my post-graduation from the highest ranked University of France, Lille Catholic University with the specialization in wastewater Treatment and its reuses.
Salah Kabeer

Salah Kabeer

Hamayun Khan manages OSCAR's research section. Hamayun holds an MBA in finance and marketing from I.K.Gujral Punjab Technical University, Punjab, India. His work has appeared in Eurasia Review, The Diplomat Magazine, and South Asia Journal.
Hamayun Khan

M. Hamayun Khan

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