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  • Paktia Workshop on Nonviolence
    Oscar conducted a four-day workshop on Nonviolence and Civic Education on July 26. The workshop aimed at educating 30 male and female youth activists from various organizations in Paktia Province. The role of citizens in peace process, nonviolence and good… Continue Reading…
  • Kunar Workshop on Nonviolence
    OSCAR organized a four- day workshop on nonviolent civic mobilization in Kunar Province of Afghanistan. The workshop aimed to empower civil society members and young community leaders, males and females, and enhance their capacity for materialization of their civic rights…. Continue Reading…
  • Khost Workshop on Nonviolence
    OSCAR trained 30 youths( boys and girls) society activists and university teachers in a four-day workshop on nonviolence in Khost. The philosophy of the workshop was to empower youths in their civic responsibilities in countering extremism and shouldering responsibilities in governance.