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Workshop on Nonviolence and Youth Empowerment in Kunar Province

OSCAR Organizes a four-day workshop on Nonviolence and Youth Empowerment in Kunar on 25 to 28 January, 2021. The workshop aimed to educate 30 youths activists, males and females from various organizations and districts in Kunar Province. During the workshop the participants were taught nonviolent civic mobilization, peace building and democracy, human rights, and Youth […]
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Workshop on Nonviolence in Khost

OSCAR trained 30 youths (boys and girls) society activists and university teachers in a four-day workshop on nonviolence in Khost. The philosophy of the workshop was to empower youths in their civic responsibilities in countering extremism and shouldering responsibilities in governance.
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Role of Youths in Peace in Kunar Province

OSCAR organized a one day program on the date of 29 Febuary 2020 for 30 Youths, included girls in Kunar. The program was moderated by three guest speakers and youths from different sectors of the society such as Civil Society, University Students, Teachers and Youth leaders. The participants shared their thoughts on the role of […]
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Long Lasting Peace in Khost Province

OSCAR conducted a one day seminar on the conditions needed for long lasting peace in Khost on 28 February, 2020. The seminar was attended by 30 Individuals from civil society, youths, tribal chiefs and women. Participants of the seminar asked all the relevant parties for taking confidence-building measures to pave the way for a sustainable […]
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Role of Youths in Peace Building

OSCAR conducted a one-day discussion on peace-building in Jalalabad Afghanistan. 25 Youths, included civil society members; university Students and professors participated in the program and shared their thoughts on the role youth can play in reaching to peace in Afghanistan. The speakers reiterated that youths have huge potential in the materialization of peace in Afghanistan. […]
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Presentation on Nonviolence Civic Mobilization in Kunar Province

A one hour presentation on Nonviolence Civic Mobilization was presented by Ahmadullah Archiwal in Shahmahmood Miakhel Social and Cultural Center in Khas Kunar district of Kunar Province. There were almost 80 youths including school Students, Teachers, Civil Society members and youths in the presentation. During the lecture Nonviolence civic mobilization, conflict, Tactics of Civic Mobilization, […]
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